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Top 10 Cities with Highest Rates of Vehicle Ownership

Top 10 Cities with Highest Rates of Vehicle Ownership

In the summer of 2023, ValuePenguin published a Car Ownership Statistics in the U.S. report, listing the rate of vehicle ownership in U.S. metropolitan areas.

The capital of Texas ranks awfully high on that list! Austin ranks fourth in the category of percentage of households with access to a vehicle, at 95.6%.

Austin Area Color New has the capacity to help many of those vehicles look like new again!

Houston, the fourth-largest city in the United States, is another Texas city that ranks among the top-10 highest percentage of households with access to a vehicle.

% of Households with Access to a Vehicle

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina – 96.1%
  2. Nashville, Tennessee – 95.8%
  3. Riverside, California – 95.7%
  4. Austin, Texas – 95.6%
  5. Dallas, Texas – 95.4%
  6. Orlando, Florida – 95.2%
  7. Charlotte, North Carolina – 95.1%
  8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 95.1%
  9. Houston, Texas – 94.8%
  10. Salt Lake City, Utah – 94.7%

The state of Texas also ranks second in the country with 22,419,490 registered vehicles, a large chunk behind California, who leads the nation with over 30 million.

More Used Cars Needing Help More Than Ever!

Interestingly, new passenger car sales were cut in half over the past decade from 5 million passenger cars sold in 2014 down to 2.5 million sales in 2022.

While new light truck sales have climbed substantially, it still means there are millions of used cars out there that people are treating like a new car. We want to help make those passenger cars, among other vehicles, look and feel like new again!

Whether it’s removing stains, repairing tears in seats, replacing headliners, or anything else along the auto reconditioning path, Color New can take care of those issues at very affordable prices. This is for anyone in Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Houston, Round Rock, San Antonio, Waco, and surrounding areas!

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