Austin Area Color New works with used car dealerships across Central Texas, mostly up and down the I-35 corridor, and out to Houston. Is your dealership a possible partner?

At Color New, we fix seats –
so your bottom line feels better!

Whether you are a used car or truck dealership or an RV dealership, Austin Area Color New can increase both your revenue and number of vehicles sold, and here’s why:

  • You’ll sell more cars at higher prices.
  • Since reconditioned cars are easier to sell, you’ll turn inventory over quicker.
  • By caring for issues before your cars sell, you can minimize discounts, avoid giving customers “loaner” cars while their car gets fixed, and you’ll reduce “we owes.”
  • Better cars mean an even better reputation, which brings more customers through referrals – and repeat customers.

Some on-site work we do improves several facets of your cars without them ever having to leave your lot include:

  • Repair tears in seats – vinyl, leather and cloth
  • Fix cracked consoles and dashboards
  • Headliner replacements
  • Stain and odor removal – including cigarette smoke
  • Repair cigarette burns
  • Fix carpet stains
  • Repair center consoles
  • Repair damaged dashboards and door panels

Call Austin Area Color New General Manager Ryan Clark at (512) 810-3014 to schedule a free demo at your dealership! Just choose the vehicle whose interior requires the most attention and care and let us demonstrate for free how we can make your auto interiors look new again! Email him at [email protected] for more information!

RV dealerships will also want to check out our RV partnership deal explained here!


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with great service at a great value.


Our technicians move efficiently to improve the interiors of your cars, while never leaving your lot.


You’ll sell cars without interior cosmetic issues, which means using fewer loaners and “we owes.”

What Color New Can Do For You?

Color New offers a few options for working with pre-owned car dealerships, depending on different things, such as volume and pricing.

  • Piecemeal: We can do specific cars you choose with specific issues.
  • Package: We can cover your entire lot, fixing issues in each car including stains, odors, tears, cigarette burns, etc.

Depending on the volume at your dealership, our technicians might come weekly or multiple times a week, making sure your car lot is always stocked with sale-ready cars.


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