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Over nearly two decades, Austin Area Color New has employed 20-plus employees in Central Texas, many of whom have been with the company for over 10 years.


We’re always looking for new members for our Color New team in the Central Texas area!


Austin Area Color New - Join the Team

What Can Color New Do For You?

First, why would you want to join our team? Our full-time employees get:

  • Excellent benefits, including health insurance!
  • Nights and weekends off!
  • Paid training!
  • Salaries paid weekly!
  • Paid Time-Off opportunities!

What Can You Do For Color New?

What type of team members are we looking for? Here are some key attributes we appreciate:

  • Concern over our customers’ happiness more than anything
  • Understanding what you do and don’t know, and asking for help
  • Attention to detail
  • People who can easily be directed at times…
  • while also being capable of self-management at other times.
  • Clean, organized and prepared.

If you live in the Central Texas area and would like to apply for the “Auto Interior Technician” job opening, please click this button and fill out this questionnaire. We will reach back out to you within a couple days!

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