Scott and Christy Grimm - Austin Area Color New Founders
Scott and Christy Grimm - Austin Area Color New Founders


Founded by Scott and Christy Grimm in 2007, along with their two daughters, Paige and Shelby Grimm, Austin Area Color New quickly established itself as the industry leader in auto interior reconditioning in Central Texas.

Our Mission: At Austin Area Color New, we recondition auto interiors and more to increase “like-new” aesthetics and value for our customers and partners. From cars, trucks and RVs to commercial upholstery, we recondition, repair, and restore to our customer’s satisfaction.

Based out of Georgetown, Texas, Color New is a mobile auto interior service with the ability to do larger scale jobs out of their 2,000-square-foot upholstery shop. For over 15 years, our team has serviced dozens of car dealerships in Central Texas up and down the I-35 corridor, from Austin to Houston to San Antonio to Waco.

Color New also provides individual car owners with professional reupholstering and reconditioning services with a real focus on customer satisfaction. Our technicians have learned methods and techniques other companies are still struggling to discover.

We’re not car detailers, as the problems we fix in auto interiors are bigger than just vacuuming your carpets and shining your dashboard. The issues Color New attacks include seat tears, stains, damaged door panels, center consoles and more.

Because of our seat-repair expertise, we became specialists in creating/renovating/reupholstering booths in commercial buildings, too, like restaurants and theaters near the Austin area. We fix seats!

Our company specializes in the following core areas:

  • Quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices
  • Our experience allows us to save time and pass savings on to our customers.
  • Helping others keep their cars looking new with our blog posts
  • 15+ years experience and a focus on customer satisfaction, professionalism and safety
  • Send pictures of what you need done to (512) 810-3014 for a free quote!


Our auto interior technicians combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide customers with unmatched service.


With 15 technicians and four trained apprentices, our team has the knowledge and experience to handle work ranging from huge car dealerships to single-car owners.


Since our technicians have a combined 120 years of experience, Color New can do tougher jobs at cheaper prices.


Years in the Auto Interior reconditioning industry.

Years of combined experience by our technicians.

Skilled technicians ready to make things look new again.

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