The Central Texas heat has a way of slowing everything down – and it does a great job of dissolving the glue that holds up car headliners! With less glue, the headliner fabric separates from the backing board, sags down and just makes driving miserable.

Austin Area Color New has veteran technicians whose sole job is to replace headliners in cars and trucks every single day.

While Color New is based in Georgetown, just north of Round Rock, we are a mobile auto interior company, which means our technician can come to your car’s location to replace the headliner depending on the weather.

Headliners are important because they give the roof of your car or truck a smooth texture, while also absorbing noise and insulating the car, keeping in the A/C when it’s hot out and keeping in the heat when it’s cold out.


What Do Our Headliner Technicians Do?

Our technicians remove the trim and the entire headliner structure from the vehicle before they strip off the old material and reglue on the new material. Headliners are usually replaced in one day by our technicians.

Interestingly, vehicle headliners come in different materials, including vinyl, foam and even suede in some car models. While we have most common colors already in our shop, we are able to order in special fabrics or colors that match any vehicle.


Why Do Headliners Go Bad?

There are plenty of reasons why a headliner might need to be replaced, including sagging, or a tear caused by something snagging it. Some headliners get stained because of cigarette smoke or even from someone frequently opening carbonated beverages inside their car.

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