Name: Paige Clark
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (512) 810-3014


Paige Clark was one of the original Austin Area Color New workers, when the company began in Austin, Texas, back in 2007.

After several years working as a technician out in the field at different car dealerships, Paige eventually moved into more of an administrative role, until she finally became the point of contact for Accounts Receivables. In recent years, she has also taken over the role as the Accounts Payable department. Without question, she has one of the largest ranges of abilities in the company.

  • “Hey Siri, Find an Auto Upholstery Shop Near Me!”
    • July


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    “Hey Siri, Find an Auto Upholstery Shop Near Me!”

    Many people are turning to their search engines to find local help for their car, and that includes asking for locations of an “auto upholstery shop near me.” But what exactly should you be looking for from your auto upholstery shop? What services should they be providing you and your car?

  • How to Fix a Windshield Chip
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    How to Fix a Windshield Chip

    A windshield chip is a small, usually circular, area of damage to a windshield that does not penetrate all the way through the glass. Windshield chips can be caused by a variety of things, including road debris, rocks, and hail. If you have a windshield chip, it is important to have it repaired as soon

  • 5 Tips To Keep Your Car’s Leather Seats Clean
    • March


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    5 Tips To Keep Your Car’s Leather Seats Clean

    If your car has leather seats, that means that it’s a very nice car, and you most likely care about both the appearance of your car and the appearance of your seats! At Austin Area Color New, our techs can do some amazing repairs on stained or ripped car seats. We are the best company

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