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9 Best Auto Interior Accessories You Might Need

9 Best Auto Interior Accessories You Might Need

Finding the best auto interior accessories is important for a car or truck owner! Color New has been working with interior accessories for close to two decades now, so we decided to share with you some things every car or truck should consider stocking.

Since your car’s interior is where you spend all of your time while driving, it’s important to make it as comfortable and functional as possible. There are a variety of auto interior accessories that can help you do just that.

9 Best Auto Interior Accessories

Here are some of the best auto interior accessories for your needs.

Floor Mats: Floor mats protect your car’s carpeting from dirt, mud, snow, and spills. They’re also easy to clean and replace. Color New loves the custom fit floor mats from WeatherTech, but they can be expensive (ranging from $200 and up!). But they are from an advanced rubber-like compound, so they’ll stand up to all weather conditions, are easy to clean and they won’t crack, curl or tear. Look for your car’s car mats to get them custom fitted!

Seat Covers: Seat covers protect your car’s seats from spills, stains, and wear and tear. (If your car’s leather seats are already looking worn, check out our Seat Refinishing prices!) They can also add a touch of style to your car’s interior. Ideally, you’d contact us if you do have some tears or stains on your vehicle’s seats, but if you prefer, you can buy car seat covers instead.

Steering Wheel Cover: A steering wheel cover can protect your steering wheel from wear and tear, and make it more comfortable to grip. They don’t always look great, though, so be selective on which steering wheel cover you buy.

Cell Phone Mount: A phone mount helps you keep your phone safe and visible while you’re driving. It can also be used to charge your phone. There are ones you can mount to your dashboard, which we don’t recommend because of what it leaves behind. But you can also get cell phone mounts that attach to either your cup holder or your car’s air conditioning vent.

Trash Can: A car trash bin helps keep your car clean and tidy. It’s especially important if you have kids or pets. This car trash can from Hotor is pretty cool because it’s waterproof, leakproof and it has little pockets for storing things.

Trunk Organizer: A trunk organizer helps you keep the trunk of your car or SUV organized and tidy. It can also help prevent items from shifting around in the trunk. If you are a salesperson, or someone who travels a lot for work, these trunk organizers are important to keep your life organized.

Cargo Net: Maybe a whole car trunk organizer is too much, when a cargo net will do just fine? Cargo nets help secure items in your trunk or cargo area. It’s especially important if you’re transporting groceries or other loose items. Cargo nets are particularly helpful in SUVs, where things have a lot more room to roll around.

Pet Hammock: Something we’re often working on at Color New are scratched door panels and seats, torn up from pets travelling with their owners. A pet hammock helps keep your pet safe and comfortable while you’re driving. It can also help protect your car’s seats from pet hair and dirt. This pet hammock from URPOWER is one of the best sellers at Amazon, and it’s scratch proof for pets.

Travel Pillow and Blanket: A travel pillow and blanket can make your car rides more comfortable, especially on long trips. You can get a travel pillow and blanket set in different colors to match your vehicle, and you can use these on airplane trips, too.

When choosing auto interior accessories, consider your needs and budget. Choose accessories that will make your car rides more comfortable, functional, and enjoyable.

Austin Area Color New wants to make your car or truck interior look as nice as possible. Contact us if you have some issues with your seats, carpets, dashboard or anything else inside your vehicle we can help with!

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