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3 Drinks That Can Ruin Your Car Interior

3 Drinks That Can Ruin Your Car Interior

American drivers are always on the go, which is bad for our car interior! We’re often found drinking things in our car or truck on our way from one location to another. The problem is we sometimes drink things that can do damage to our car’s interior!

We share some of the all-time worst beverages that can ruin your car’s interior!

Whether you are picking up coffee at Round Rock Donuts, or you’re grabbing some barbecue and a Coke at Rudy’s Bar-B-Q in Austin, everyone wants to keep their interiors clean. It makes for a more enjoyable ride, and it keeps the resale value high!

Which Drinks Can Ruin Your Car Interior?

Austin Area Color New techs clean auto interiors in Austin, Georgetown, Houston, Round Rock, San Antonio, Waco, and everywhere in between! They’ve seen everything – and made everything cleaner! They shared a few items Central Texas vehicle owners should think twice about before drinking in their car or truck.

Can of Coke: By opening a can of cola in your car, many people don’t realize that the carbonated spray ends up on their headliner many times. Do this enough, and you’ll definitely be calling Color New to clean your headliner. Consider drinking a fountain drink instead!

Red Things: It sounds silly, but eating or drinking red things means you might spill something red on your car’s seats or carpets. The toughest stain for the Color New techs to clean is something stained red! Maybe next time, you can give your kid some apple juice over that Hi-C Fruit Punch!

Milk: Many times, a spill’s smell can fade away – but that’s not the case with spilled milk. The smell actually gets stronger and stronger, especially in the Texas summer heat! The bacteria that grows around spilled milk gives off a much worse smell than most other bacteria, so it’s important to clean it as quickly as possible. Save your milk for out-of-car drinking because your vehicle is definitely lactose intolerant!


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There are plenty of other things that can ruin your car interior, including the drinks we’ve listed above. But it might be too late for your current vehicle, but that’s OK, too. You can send a picture of your stained seats or your stained carpets to our quoting team at (512) 810-3014, and let Austin Area Color New save your car or truck’s interior! We’ve erased spills from thousands of cars and trucks in Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, and dozens of other cities in the I-35 corridor over the past two decades!

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