You’d be amazed at how new your car will look after we install new car seat leather kits, basically erasing the wear and tear your car or truck’s interior from the past several years.

Some people just want to replace their cloth interiors with a car leather kit just to upgrade the look and feel of their car.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking these are just leather car seat covers. These leather kits are built and installed specifically for your car or truck’s make and model. We have professional auto upholstery specialists who install these car leather kits nearly every day.

Whether you bought your own car seat leather kit already and you just want us to install it, or you want us to find the right leather kit that matches your car’s make and model, Austin Area Color New can do it all for you. (If you already have leather seats that are just worn, you might be a great candidate for Seat Refinishing.)

It’s much easier to add comfort, durability and luxury to your life by getting us to install a leather kit in your car, so contact us today, letting us know your car’s year/make/model, and we’ll get a quote back to you promptly!

Car Seat Leather Kits

Make Your Seats Look New Again!

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